For Patients

The Community Care of North Carolina Program has built upon Carolina Access Medicaid and works with communities to establish local medical provider networks (Medical Homes) that can effectively provide quality health care services resulting in cost savings. Under Community Care, local hospitals, primary care providers, public health departments and departments of social services have come together to access to medical care and services for the Medicaid population in our community. Carolina Community Health Partnership is the Community Care network serving Cleveland and Rutherford Counties.

When you enroll in Carolina Access Medicaid, you are able to choose a network provider in your local community who agrees to coordinate all your medical care. Services provided include:

Medical Home – Primary Medical Care – a medical provider who coordinates all your medical care needs.

Care Management Services – RN Care Managers who work with your primary medical provider to help coordinate your care. Your RN Care Manager is an extension of your primary medical provider who has the time to ensure your understanding of your medical condition and your part in management of those conditions.

Pharmacy Management – is a way for your medical provider and RN Care Manager to help you receive medications you need and to help you understand your mediations and how to take them properly.

Emergency Department Management– helping you understand the appropriate use of emergency services.

Finding a Provider – is a listing of primary care provider offices within the Carolina Community Health Partnership network.